SafeDollar Move Forward plan: upgrade SDO v2 and launching of Safe Assets

  • All SafeAssets will be partially collateral by the assets and partially by SDS.
  • SDS is a deflationary tokens with Max Supply 1M. There is not possible to mint more SDS
  • There is no fake mint of SDS when redeem SafeAssets. When mint SafeAsset, SDS will be sold to the assets and added to the bank ; when redeemed, the assets inside the bank will be used to buy SDS to give back to users.
  • SafeAssets will use ChainLink service for price feed.
  • Starting with USDC, USDT but then will expand to other assets later such Gold, Silver or Stocks and will heavily use the Oracle services.
  • Introduce SDS/USDC LP staking Boardroom.
  • Boardroom will not only receive SDO expansion but also the rewards from mint/redeem fee of the SafeAssets
  1. For Liquidity Providers
  • SDO will be snapshot and LP will be able to claim equivalent SDOv2
  • For the USDC/USDT part, LP will be able to claim the equivalent SafeUSDC
  • Before Monday, July 5th 2021: Preparing for the launching of SafeUSDC (SUSDC)
    - Introduce SUSDC: able to Mint and Redeem SUSDC
    - Migration for SDS v1 to SDS v2
    - Reopen IDO vesting, and IDO buyer will be able to claim the full SDS left.
    - Reopen Boardroom and allow users to unstake directly to SDSv2
  • On Monday, July 5th 2021:
    - Launching SDS/USDC and SUSDC/ USDC pool earn SDS
  • Lottery will be launched for SDS by end of first week of July
  • Monday, July 12th 2021: launching of SDO v2



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Safe Dollar

Safe Dollar

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