SafeDollar is launching SafeSwap


  • The architecture of SafeSwap will run around a Single-Vault that holds and manages all the assets added by all the Safe Swap pools. The AMM logic is at each pool itself, and separate from the token management and accounting, which is managed at the Single Vault. This architecture will significantly increase the capital efficiency while still allowing the highest flexibility of the protocol.
  • SafeSwap will offer various types of pools such as weighted non 50–50 pools, stable pools which are suitable for synthetic assets and soft pegged assets, and later part the smart pools, where parameters can be changed accordingly.
  • SafeSwap will allow multi-route directly at the pools at SafeSwap. This special feature will allow the best rate, lowest price slippage for traders.
  • No dead capital, at SafeSwap, the liquidity provided while idle will be used to farm other protocols and bring back better profit for the ecosystem.
  • SafeSwap also allows Flash Loan. At the beginning, SafeSwap will start with a small percentage of assets for flash loan with flash loan fees and contribute back to the ecosystem profits

Introducing SHIELD token

  • Trading fees: for a start, SafeSwap will have a competitive swap fee of only 0.02%, paid by traders to LP pools.
  • Exit fees: a small percentage of any tokens that are withdrawn from the Safe Swap Single Vault, not including trades. Liquidity moving between pools does not incur this fee.
  • Flash loan fee




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Safe Dollar

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