SafeDollar is launching the first SafeAssets — SafeUSDC

  • All SafeAssets will be partially collateral by the assets and partially by SDS.
  • SDS is a deflationary token with Max Supply 1M. It’s not possible to mint more SDS; in fact, the total supply of SDS will reduce over time.
  • There is no insta uncapped mint of SDS when redeem sUSDC, all through market buy/sell. When mint SafeAsset, SDS will be sold to the assets and added to the bank ; when redeemed, the assets inside the bank will be used to buy SDS to give back to users.
  • Quick-LP sUSDC/USDC earn SDS
  • Quick-LP SDS/USDC earn SDS
  • SDS will be upgrade to SDSv2 (contract 0xAB72EE159Ff70b64beEcBbB0FbBE58b372391C54)
  • SDS holder will be able to migrate 1:1 from SDSv1 to SDSv2
  • There is no deadline for migration at the moment.
  • IDO buyer is able to claim all the remaining SDS bought at once, no more vesting.
  • Boardroom stakers will be able to unstake SDSv1 and receive SDSv2 with 1:1 ratio. Locks are disabled and all penalties are removed.



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